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May 6, 2023 | Social Developers Conference
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Hila Safi

computer scientist and quantum computing expert

Hila Safi is a computer scientist and quantum computing expert. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Quantum Computing and is a member of Female Tech Leaders, an organization based in Munich, dedicated to empower women in STEM and leadership roles and mentor girls who are passionate about technology.

Hila is also the co-founder of Coding for Independence, a non-profit that provides IT-education to rural areas around the world. Prior to her work in quantum computing, Hila specialized in Machine Learning where she focused on optimizing AI algorithms. Her emphasis is on creating fair and accessible intelligence for everyone.

Tamar Menteshashvili

Western Europe Lead, Solana Foundation

Tamar Menteshashvili is a Western Europe Lead at the Solana Foundation and a co-founder of Superteam Germany. She has been a veteran in the crypto industry ever since 2014. Before Solana, she has been working at Binance, the world’s largest crypto currency exchange, as their investment and launchpad team co-lead and at Coinmarketcap, the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets, as their emerging markets lead.

With a background in the legal field, she is also a PhD candidate at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with main focus on stablecoins and crypto regulations. 

She is a published author and has been named #Forbes30under30 in the technology sector.

Nils Wiere

Frontend UI/UX Developer

Nils is a freelance front-end developer and UI/UX designer focusing on performance, usability, and accessibility. He is a strong advocate of the web platform and likes solving complex UX puzzles, crafting people-first interfaces, and talking about purposeful approaches to productivity. Within the last 8+ years, he worked for cross-functional teams at NGOs, global brands, and local startups. Besides working at the intersection of design and code, Nils hosts a friendly meetup that covers topics like web development, design, productivity, creativity, and sustainability.

Verena Traub

Cloud Consultant, superluminar

Verena is a Cloud Consultant at superluminar. After many years as an HR expert in IT, she discovered her passion for programming in 2020 and has been passionate about modern software development and infrastructure ever since.

Dajana Eder

Web3 Founder, Consultant & Speaker

I started my career as freelancer for community and brand building focused on Web2. The past 12 years I worked as consultant for international brands and companies creating inclusive communication strategies. As journalist I wrote articles for my blog and a variety of magazinges about automotive and livestyle topics. In 2019 I focused on personal branding for women and discriminated groups, founded feminis[t]hinking as systemic coach and wrote the book “broken mirror – a selfportrait”. When jumping in the Web3 rabbit hole in 2021, I realized a lack of diversity. “This space could be utopia – a wallet does not know gender – but it’s still a reflection of our IRL unsolved problems.” As a society, we have to take responsibility to bridge the gaps and create an equal representation.

Anne Stein

Cloud Consultant, superluminar

Anne is a Cloud Consultant at superluminar who is fueled by her insatiable curiosity for software development and all things related to the cloud. She is constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies and trends to master, and is never satisfied with just ‚good enough‘.

Janosch Offenberg

Cloud Consultant, superluminar

Janosch is a Cloud Consultant at superluminar and landed there through his love for serverless technology. Previously, he spent a long time trying to automate operations and deployment in data centers with the motivation of using resources more efficiently. Outside of work, Janosch enjoys spending time on long hikes or with his editor and operating system.

Anna Graf

Innovation Lead Web3, Arvato Systems

Anna Graf ist bei Arvato Systems als Strategic Consultant für den Aufbau des Web3 Portfolios und die Beratung interner und externer Projekte verantwortlich. Sie ist Teil des Bertelsmann “Web3 Leadership Circles” und hilft hier bei der Koordination der Themen und gemeinsamen Ausrichtung intern. Ursprünglich aus der Kunstwelt kommend (Director NFT bei bleiben Kultur und Art zwei ihrer Lieblingsgebiete, wenn es um NFTs geht, auch wenn diese jetzt für alle anderen Divisionen im Konzern (RTL, BMG, PRH erschlossen werden) Bei Arvato Systems legt sie den Fokus momentan auf Loyalty. Sie ist zudem im Vorstand des Hanseatic Blockchain Institutes und setzt sich hier gemeinsam mit den anderen Mitgliedern für mehr Bildung, Synergien und Adoption der Blockchain ein

Nina Louisa Matzat

General Manager & Web3 Strategist

Nina bringt seit mehr als 15 Jahren Marken und Unternehmen neue Technologien nahe und hilft ihnen, Culture, Storytelling und Technologie zu verbinden. Sie hat einen großen Teil ihrer Laufbahn bei Google verbracht, war jahrelang als Freelance Digital Creative Consultant tätig und hat sich vor zwei Jahren ins nächste Kapitel des Storytelling geworfen: Web3. Im August 2022 co-gründete sie das Web3 & Metaverse Studio der Serviceplan Gruppe, Serviceplan DCNTRL. DCNTRL‘s Ziel ist es, nachhaltige Geschäftsmodelle und Lösungen basierend auf Blockchain, Tokenomics und immersive 3D zu entwickeln und Unternehmen den Weg in Web3 und Metaverse zu ebnen.

Saskia Wachs

Senior Consultant Advanced Analytics and Digital Nomad

Saskia is an Advanced Analytics Consultant at INFOMOTION GmbH. She has already worked in various data science projects for different customers and supervises the internal Advanced Analytics trainee program. She follows the Digital Nomad approach of INFOMOTION as often as possible and has already worked during various coworkations from Italy, Spain or Holland. Recently she went to South Africa for a so called integrated sabbatical and had the chance to get to know the country and its people for 10 weeks and to escape the German winter. Why work at your desk at home when you can work in the warm with a view of the sea?

Hannes Boyksen

Head of Beach Offices

During his Management career, Hannes repeatedly had the chance to work abroad in international teams. Since today, this intercultural Work life – experiencing a country and its people much more authentic and intensive in working teams compared to a touristic trip – motivates Hannes to find and design new Digital Nomad opportunities for the employees of INFOMOTION (and himself). While the pandemic based changes in our daily business accelerated the freedom of choice of individual workplaces around the world anyhow, Hannes keeps his focus on enabling team-experiences at unusual work-places for an entire team – and not celebrating himself as a Digital Nomad Freelancer in Bali or Kho Pangan. From Beach Office Days at the German Coast via CoWorkation-Groups in Europe the most popular and unique Worklife-Model invented by Hannes at INFOMOTION is the Integrated Sabbatical in Namibia & South-Africa.

Dimitris Kiriakakis

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer with 10+ years of working experience in different sorts of frontend & backend frameworks. Mainly focused on web application development and optimisation but also experienced in cross platform mobile applications. Occasionally traveling with his laptop and trying out not-so-mainstream kinds of lunch break activities like skiing, wind surfing and drone photography.

Jonas Hahn

Developer Relations, Solana Foundation

more details coming soon

Felix Scheffel

Senior Frontend Developer, Project Joker

more details coming soon

Alexander Peschel

Senior Frontend Developer, Project Joker

more details coming soon

Sergej Reznik

Senior Frontend Developer, Project Joker

more details coming soon

Malte Weinberg

Senior Data Scientist, Kühne + Nagel

Malte is a data scientist at Kuehne+Nagel in Hamburg. With a background as a researcher in fundamental quantum physics, he has a passion for complex problem-solving.

When not digging into code, Malte enjoys pursuing photography and is engaged in effective altruism. With a thirst for knowledge, he’s always eager to learn and enthusiastic about sharing expertise and helping others achieve success.

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